Hey listen – Your ideal customers… they’re like you and me.

When they’re in the market for a new product – let’s say – a new iPhone.

They don’t really want the product per se, it’s the transformation they’re after.

The iPhone is simply a vehicle for the result or outcome they desire. And in the case of the iPhone, it’s most likely an increase in status.

So that they can finally tune into that ideal version of themselves.

But here’s the problem…

Right now, your copy is singing a completely different tune.

It’s somehow selling the product more than the outcome.

So your ads are emphasising on features like, ‘1000mAh mobile battery’ or ‘low-calorie drink, ’25x wide-angle lens.’

Take a moment to think about it,

Is your prospect likely read this and go, “Oh my goodness, I have to have this mobile because it has this amazing 1000mAh battery.”

Not likely.

He’s probably thinking, ‘Umm, so what? What’s in it for me?’

Now imagine reframing the conversation to say, ‘Increase your battery’s life by 60% so you can enjoy 3D gaming on your long commute without worrying about running out of juice.’

Now that’s something that’ll get your audience flippin’.

Because you’ve helped your prospects visualise the experience of your product before the actual purchase,

They’re excited and already emotionally invested in the rewards.

By describing the benefits in vivid detail, you’ve raised purchase intent significantly.

That’s my secret sauce to writing Facebook ads that convert like crazy.

Go ahead, make this one change in your copy and watch your sales go KABOOM!

Have any copy-related questions?

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