You’re a beginner to intermediate dropshipper, you’ve got a cold pixel.

And you want to run a Video Ad Campaign to sell your product.

We all know that DS and Facebook Ads go hand in hand.

And Facebook ads can be amazing at driving store traffic.

But they’re also great at driving you crazzzzy.

Should CBO be on or off?

Should you use Mobile Ad placement OR should you choose automatic placements?

Should you run engagement campaigns or conversion campaigns?

Facebook ads are soooo difficult to learn precisely because there isn’t one formula that works for all.

But where do you start?

Audience or Ad creative?

The answer is both.

Both are equally important.

When you think about the audience, determine the major pain point that this product solves.

What are their biggest fears?

The biggest pain-point or fear is what is going to hook your audience.

And it needs to be right there at the beginning.

Either as a video intro or in the First 3 lines of Ad Text for your ads.

Design the creative based on what’s going to hook your audience (the fear/problem), and that’s what’s going to stop the scroll.

What else?

Pick a soft CTA.

Buy now can be a BIG commitment for many.

How about Pick a size or Pick a colour?

Buying psychology says people are less afraid of taking smaller commitments.

And the goal of your ad is to generate a high CTR and nudge them towards a sale.

The goal of your ad isn’t to generate sales.

That’s the heavy lifting your website needs to do.

And that’s how you start thinking about building your ad.

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