When you’re running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, soon enough, you’ll find yourself targeting multiple audiences.

Let me share an example of a client who was selling wall planners with Shopify.

One of their audiences were – mums with kids. The second audience they were targeting for the same product were primary school teachers.

Now… the way you talk to both these audiences is going to be different.

For, e.g. teachers require planners to plan and prepare for term lessons. Whereas mums may need planners to create weekly meal plans.

It’s tempting to use the same piece of copy for multiple audiences.

But with this lazy method, you risk not only losing trust and wasting ad dollars, but you end up consuming a very profitable audience, making very little in sales.

When you highlight the specific benefits and pains for the particular audience, you’re able to create a stronger emotional connection.

And that makes all the difference.