This is a conversation I’ve come across so often among Facebook ad marketers.

“I’m pumping $$$ into my Facebook ad campaigns but to no avail.

“I know it’s possible to profit from FB ads, yet somehow it isn’t working for me. “

“Now I feel like I’m flushing my hard-earned $$$ down the drain.”

An industry study by Wordstream suggests that almost 92% of social media marketers claim to use Facebook Ads.

Yet there are so many who try and struggle at generating positive and consistently high conversion rate results.

Often, it comes down to a case of poor targeting + messaging.

Random people across social media, who don’t know you, are looking at your ads and going… ‘ugh, why is this ad on my newsfeed?’

The result: Conversion rates that make you cringe.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Get laser-focused with your messaging by creating problem-focused personas of your ideal buyers.

There is, after all, a difference between the perceived benefits of a real estate agent buying an iPhone vis a vis an 18-year old college student.

The problems, desires and goals are extremely different for both these segments.

When you know what the audience group likes and wants,

Your message is automatically more tuned in to reflect their situation and showcases results that get them excited.

Now, they’re more likely to respond to your offers.

Follow this one tip, and you’ll find that your offer is highly likely to convert.

Save $$$ and scale your store by increasing the number of orders you get.

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