Let’s overhaul your brand messaging + positioning, then punch up your Ad copy so you can triple and quadruple sales with your Facebook ads

Turbocharge your Ad Campaigns

The truth is…the words in your Facebook ads decide if you sell or not.

Be irresistibly authentic in a sea full of spammy ads and growing cynicism from your audience. Offer what your audience really wants, when they want it.

Save on cost per ad action and drive a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with scroll-stopping copy in your ads

Get the smartest person in the room on YOUR team when it comes to crafting profitable Facebook Ad campaign copy.

I’ve worked with Arnab on several Facebook and Instagram ad accounts. His attention to detail, in-depth avatar and target market research and desire to form lasting relationships would make him a valuable member of your business or project. Most importantly, his copy converts well because he spends time. understanding the pain points or desires that need to be properly communicated.

Hannah Mongiat

Founder, Speakeasy Social83

Don’t let your eCommerce business fall apart because you tried doing everything yourself, including writing your Facebook ads.
Be a CEO – Focus on growing your business

Step 1 – Nail your targeting, messaging and positioning

The Brand Blueprint

Tamp down on anxiety and create a solid foundation for your high-converting Facebook ad campaigns.

Get the Brand Blueprint to get more visible and stand out from the competition.

Garner fans and loyalists by telling your story in the most authentic way possible.

Step 2 – Get badass conversions from your Facebook ads

Ad Copy Packages for 3-4x ROAS

Unless you’re writing consistent, high-converting ads for your customers, you’re leaving money on the table. Say no to leaks in your ad funnel.

Guide prospects from zero awareness to purchase-ready, even to upsells. Get grounded in FB best practices to avoid the dreaded disapproval.

Get ads that feel like a well-timed, perfect-for-me gift to every prospect.

Step 3 – Beat ad fatigue and keep sales rolling

Keep the Cash…Flowing 

Need ad campaigns on an ongoing basis? Want to increase your spend on Facebook ads, while driving a higher Return on Ad Spend?

Get high-converting Facebook ad copy to drive traffic to your sales funnels comfortably to an audience of 2.83 billion buyers.

Grab attention and win the most clicks for the lowest cost.

Wondering which package is right for you?

Need something outside-the-box?

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"We have found some new winning ads that convert well. I definitely recommend Arnab for ecommerce clients, especially in the trending product niche. His understanding of the product and the pain points it solves helps him write compelling ads"

Paul de Beauregard

Ad Strategist, Singapore