So… you’ve gotten into eCommerce with a dream of building a lifestyle business.

And you want to learn from the most experienced folks out there so that you can make money fast.

“You need a winning product!”

… Is the advice you can’t ignore… no more.

And so you invest a massive amount of time researching winning products for your store.

Obviously, you’ve looked at your competition to learn what’s doing well for them.

And based on what the data says and your own gut feeling.. you’ve chosen a product, set up your Shopify store, and are now driving traffic through Facebook Advertising.

A week passes, and your ad performance looks sub-par, i.e. zero sales.

You ask around on forums about what other entrepreneurs have to say about your product/niche.

And almost everyone tells you it’s too saturated and not worth going after.

Judging by your ad performance, you’re convinced that you stand no chance against more established businesses already operating and winning in the same space.


Here’s an insider industry secret for a situation like this.

Most of your success with Facebook advertising and eCom happens because of what you do outside of Ad Manager.

Listen – Not saying Ad manager ain’t important.

But a LOT of your success hinges on –

How much you know about your target market, aka – who you are selling to.

If you’re working within a saturated niche, here’s an exciting perspective:

There aren’t necessarily any wrong niches out there, just niches that aren’t niche enough.

“Huh? What does that mean?” I hear you say.

It means… that within every niche, there potentially exists numerous unexplored customer segments or sub-niches that you could be targeting with your ads.

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you’re selling a portable dog water bowl.

Instead of broadly targeting dog owners, (like you may have been thinking of initially) you could be niching down based on a breed and lifestyle.

A portable water bowl for fitness-conscious couples with retrievers.

So, even if your product is saturated within the broader niche (pet owners), you can creatively target sub-groups and create ads that speak to them specifically.

Get the drift?

Another example could be targeting by cause. A lot of dog owners strongly support animal causes.

So you could be, for example, marketing your portable water bowl to an audience supporting rescue dogs and customise your messaging based on that.

Your offer could even suggest donating a percentage of your sales to animal shelters.

Now, you’re targeting broader breeds but niching down by cause.

Do you see what you did right there?

You worked inside a saturated niche but found a bunch of new audiences to sell your products to.

You’ve created a blue ocean and side-stepped all that competition, as a byproduct.

Cool right?

Now that you’ve solved the niching puzzle, how would you like to have your ad messaging triple and quadruple sales for your eCommerce brand?

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