Things some of my lovely clients have said 

I don’t know, why I even chose to work with this guy! I’m totally annoyed with him at his antics.

Now he’s coercing me to write him a bloody endorsement. 

Well, what can I say – I worked with Arnab, side by side, sometimes face to face in the same office.

And believe me, this guy just can’t get off his food and he’s so damn lazzzzy. Don’t be surprised if you see him bald. He’s everything I’d imagine to be anti-professional.

Yet, sometimes I just wonder… how does he come up with such great copy, though!

Ashray Gangully

Architect, Practice Design Pvt Ltd

Arnab’s copy is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of effective, customer-oriented copywriting.

I’ve worked with Arnab on a few content projects and I admire his ability to write with clarity, simplicity and effectiveness, a trait missing in many copywriters and content professionals today.

Arnab puts his client’s audience at the centre of his universe, effectively researching what moves them, before penning his copy. His writing is breezy, effortless and on point. I highly recommend his copywriting services. I’d hire him if I were you. 

Pia Sinha

Houzz Australia Contributor, Ex-Chief Copyeditor BBC Good Homes, Content Marketing Manager, Two Story

Amazing is the first word that comes when I had a look at your copy!

Prithvi Elango

Strategic Account Manager, Freshworks

I worked with Arnab on a few projects. On one of them, he came on board at a critical time and his efforts were instrumental in rescuing it at a crucial phase.

It inspired confidence in us to give him a wider role on that project which he saw through as well.

Arnab is very methodical about his work and is able to communicate complex issues in a simple manner. This helps us to understand them better to find the right solutions.

Prashant Chari

Co-Founder, Teen Bandar

In today’ s day and age, where everyone focuses on talking endlessly, Arnab makes it a point to listen carefully and understand the requirements systematically before beginning with his work. He is a thorough professional and I will say that Arnab is an asset to any team.

Soumya Tandon

Founder, Ansh Capital

Never in a hurry and never rude.. Easily approachable and very hard working.

Disha Shetty

Senior Developer, Tata Consultancy services

Arnab comes across as a quiet guy at first. But you just can’t know what sort of creative ideas are bubbling up his grey matter. He’s fun and amazing to work with and his writing is impeccable.


Business Development Siemens Technology India, Siemens