Progress at the beginning is always slow in the eCommerce/Dropshipping journey.

You try a lot of things.

When you succeed at something as small as nailing your product page, it’s a massive moment of success.

You get active on the forums, trying to solve people’s problems, offer suggestions – sometimes sliding in your products here and there.

Then you find that traffic begins to trickle in.

But two months into building your store…

You notice zero sales. Nothing.

You’re skipping all the fun things that people are doing and yet…

You’re at the point where you think every single endeavour of yours in internet marketing has flopped.

You’re feeling frustrated realising that you’ve spent so much time building something that was doomed for failure.

Which is why I want to tell you this…


Take a step back.

Take a break for a week or whatever.


Because… It’ll give you the perspective you need to see and investigate why people are coming to your store, but not buying.


Most of us are spending time – being busy.

Something is going on right now, that you can’t see because of where your head and heart are at.

Maybe you’re spreading your marketing efforts too thinly across too many channels.

If so, focus your marketing strategy on a channel and do that really well.

If Instagram and Facebook ads are what you’re familiar with, double down on your Ad strategy and intensify your efforts there.

Get yourself into a headspace where you can introspect what’s really going on in your biz.

Because… guess what?

Here’s what’s underrated about growing an eCom business… 

The grit, confidence and resilience that goes into building it.

So… If you’re feeling stuck in survival states of worry, fear or constant anxiety, growing your e-commerce business sustainably will prove difficult.

Your business is but a reflection of you and mirrors your being like a shadow.

So do whatever it takes to get yourself in the right mindset 

And before you know it – you’ll find the level of self-awareness you need to diagnose your problems and cruise past them.

What’s the number #1 problem you’re stuck with right now?