Writing Facebook ads is kinda hard.

Especially those headlines and newsfeed descriptions.

How do you convey your selling proposition in such few words?

I browse through a ton of Facebook ads every day. And there’s a common mistake I keep seeing over and over.

Poor ad copy inevitably includes words like:


“High Quality”


etc. etc. in the ads and videos.

And to be honest – those words mean nothing to your buyers.

The only thing you gain by using those words are…

Missed opportunities.

So what do you do?

How do you eradicate words like “Perfect” from your dictionary – words that add ZERO TO NO value to buyers?
Firstly, for the ads you run, ENSURE your copy is hitting some of the market’s pain points.

Say for example – you’re selling to busy mums.

Don’t say stuff like…

We offer the best product/product name for busy mums.

Instead, what you can say is

Here’s a way for busy mums to save time, planning meals

Whenever y’all are tempted to use any of these catch-all phrases, just ask yourself –

How/why is this product the best?

What makes it high quality?

What does “perfect” mean for my audience?

The answer to those questions should ideally be – benefit statements, positioning statements, unique selling points, stories or proof statements.

It’s a missed opportunity in terms of your messaging when you fail to apply this.

It’s also lazy copywriting if your copywriter tends to lean towards using jargon and catch-phrases like a crutch.

I’m not saying… these words don’t have a place in your ads.

But make sure to use them wisely.

By being specific – you get to drive and attract qualified traffic to your store.

Apply this to your ad copy and watch your sales go KA-BOOOM!

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