From the headaches of not knowing where to source your products – all the way to – attracting people to your online store … it can be a LONGASS journey to find success when running an eCommerce store.

Today though, I want to talk to you about how to write relevant ads for cold audiences.

A lot of facebook marketers shy away or fail to see the opportunity when it comes to targeting cold prospects. If you’re scratching your head – cold audiences are folks that are not yet YOUR customers (haven’t heard about your eCom brand) but form the LARGEST segment of your market and are a BIG potential to tap into for PROFITS.

So how do you engage with cold folks and be relevant to them simultaneously? How do you make sure they like, comment/tag their friends or share your ads? How do you make sure these folks don’t end up scrolling down through your ads without ever noticing YOUR brand?

ANSWER: Storytelling.

I know, I know that word gets thrown around a lot these days.

But storytelling doesn’t have to be complicated, long-form or have multiple story arcs. And you don’t need to have the writing skills of a GOT screenwriter.

From a high-level perspective, a story consists of a problem (market pain point), a protagonist (your customer) and a journey to the solution(your product)

While long-form stories are often used by successful eCommerce brands – A story could be as small as five sentences when it comes to writing your Facebook Ad.

Here are 2 common characteristics of a good story.

It points to a very recognisable problem your market/customer is facing. And attempts to resolve it.

Although not the best of all stories… I’ve shared a quick and crude example of storytelling in the screenshot below and how you could use it for your eCommerce brand to engage with and convert cold audiences.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions about storytelling and how to use it in your Ads.