You’re selling a product right?

Well, no matter what you’re selling there are features that define that product.

Let’s say you were buying a Macbook Air, and you’re an avid gamer.

And the guy at the Apple store says –

Hey, this Macbook Air comes with an 8th generation Quad Core processor. Has retina display and blah blah blah.

As a gamer – you want to know if DOTA/Fifa is going to run without lags and overheating. What good is the Macbook with an 8th gen processor if it doesn’t give you an out-of-the world gaming experience?

Get the drift?

The i8 processor is the feature.

Will you have an enjoyable gaming experience with it? – thats the benefit

Take a mental leap from features to benefits.

Look back at your own copy. How can you apply this and make more your ads high converting?