When done correctly, Facebook Advertising can transform your eCommerce brand into a powerhouse.

A powerhouse that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Every. SINGLE. Month.

In fact, so many of the wildly-successful eComm brands will attest to this fact.

But here’s the #1 question that’s on everyone’s mind – how do you create ads that transform this dream into a reality?

How do you inspire buyer confidence in your product/store?

How do you gain their trust?

Now, while there are many winning strategies for making Facebook ads convert better…

If you’re looking to make sales on social media, social proof is non-negotiable.

Especially the right social proof.

Lemme break this down for you.

While your ad needs to factor in customers vouching for your products or brand…

You’re also interested in integrating reviews that align with the audience’s level of familiarity with your store/products too.

After all, isn’t advertising on Facebook all about targeting the right person with the right message at the right time?

So, if you’re looking for clicks and traffic, product reviews are the way to go.

Reviews of top-rated, top-selling items, for example, will work well to attract the attention of first-time visitors.

Alternatively, when someone leaves after clicking through to your website

… You could be sending them retargeting ads containing site reviews or social proof like… “5000+ customers worldwide.”

Information like this is useful for developing trust and works well to inspire confidence in your brand.

While selecting a review, also ensure that it refers to the personal experience of a buyer.

For example, a review that says, “I gifted these earrings to my daughter, and she loved how they complimented her evening dress,” will work better than saying, “these earrings arrived quickly.”

Remember, not all testimonials are created equal!

Audiences on social media are keen to read about people’s personal experiences.

Which is why the use of personal pronouns like ‘I’ ‘me’ ‘we’ feel instantly authentic.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of your ad copy.

Laser-focused ad copy + the right kind of social proof is a winning combination and one that will help your CTRs and conversions soar.

If you’d like to go wayyyy past breakeven ROAS without wasting time tinkering with your Ad copy and messaging… Book a call and let’s chat