Guide Prospects from Zero Awareness to Offer-Ready, Even to Upsells

If you’re the type that…

Feels like you’re shooting in the dark when it comes to writing ads

Has realised, “If I build it, they will NOT come

Has spent many months and long hours trying to figure Facebook Ads out

Knows it’s possible to profit from Facebook ads, but you’re failing miserably at getting any conversions

Wants to get to profit$$$ faster and finally making your dreams come true

 …Then you’ve reached the right place.


Want to integrate the right ad copy at every stage in the funnel? Here’s how it works

  • Step 1 : Book your Badass Conversion Copy Package (packages below)

  • Step 2: Hop on a Project Kick-off Session where we’ll gather info about your target buyer, your product and brand. We’ll also discuss the project brief during this call

  • Step 3a: We’ll start crafting the copy for your Facebook Ads

  • Step 3b: Next we’ll get on a live copy review call to edit, tweak and get your final approval


  • Step 4: Get high-converting Facebook ad copy that’s written, edited and ready to be posted in just 7 days.

  • That’s it…now all you have to do is run the ads and watch your conversions go off the charts. 


We offer a 1-week turnaround on all packages


Everything in The Brand Blueprint


For one specific product / product category (similar products) :

Total Ads in all (2 + 2 + 2 =6) -Short/medium form Ads only (approx 100 words or lesser)

– 2x Retargeting Ads for Product abandonment

– 2x Retargeting Ads for Cart abandonment

– 2x Retargeting direct purchase ads

Ad Creative selections (Client provides Ad creatives) for Ads

1 Live Copy Review Call (1-round 1 hour) for copy feedback

Turnaround time 7 Days

Investment USD 2997


Everything in The Brand Blueprint


For one specific product / product category (similar products) :

Total Ads in all (3+3+3+3 =12)
(mix of short and long form ads – 8 short + 4 long form )

– 3x TOFU Ads: Drive Cold Traffic 

– 3x MOFU Ads: Take them to their First Purchase

– 3x BOFU Ads: Product + Cart Abandonment Campaign

– 3x BOFU Ads: Direct Purchase Campaign

Copy for Ad Graphics (Upto 5 Ad images)

1 Live Copy Review Call (1-round 1 hour) for copy feedback

Turnaround time 7 Days

Investment USD 4997


Everything in Growth package


3x BOFU Ads: Upsell / Just bought something campaigns

3x BOFU Ads: Loyalty campaigns / We’ve missed you campaigns / Thank you campaigns (requires coupon code or special offer)

Total Ads in all (3+3+3+3+3 +3 =18) (mix of short and long form ads, 12 short + 6 long form ads)

Plus, copy for 1 Ad Video ( 7-10 slides, max 30 sec Video)

Turnaround time 7 Days

Investment USD 6997

Arnab, how do you guarantee a 1-week turnaround – when other copywriters need 2-4 weeks?

Great question! We have an air-tight process and you’ll be the only client we’ll be working with during our 1 week together. We love giving you our undivided attention. You’ll see the difference!

Wondering which package is right for you?

Need something outside-the-box?

Lets’s talk


“We have found some new winning ads that convert well. I definitely recommend Arnab for ecommerce clients, especially in the trending product niche. His understanding of the product and the pain points it solves helps him write compelling ads”

Paul de Beauregard

Ad Strategist, Singapore

I enjoyed working with Arnab because he’s easy to get along with and takes direction quite well. I loved the copy he wrote targeting women with children, in addition to his impressive organizational skills.

Valerio Puggioni

Creative Director, Right Hook Digital

I’ve worked with Arnab on several Facebook and Instagram ad accounts. His attention to detail, in-depth avatar and target market research and desire to form lasting relationships would make him a valuable member of your business or project. Most importantly, his copy converts well because he spends time. understanding the pain points or desires that need to be properly communicated.

Hannah Mongiat

Founder, Speakeasy Social83

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