Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost? What factors influence your pricing &

You can be sure of one thing. My copy won’t be the cheapest you can find. But guess what? It won’t be the highest priced either. You can expect a certain quality, and I’ll deliver your copy and content only after it has been thoroughly polished for meeting your business goals.

However, for more insight into how I price, here are the factors that I take into consideration for every project. They are:

1. Length of content
2. Ongoing or one-time project?
3. Research time
4. Topic complexity
5. Meeting time
6. Availability of background materials
7. Interview time (if needed)
8. Ghostwritten or Bylined

Low-end projects are those that have ample background materials for me to work with whereas high-end projects are those that need a lot of research plus meeting/interview time.

What makes you unique as a business blogger and copywriter?

My uniqueness as a business blogger and copywriter is that I write copy for helping bring about social good. This means that a part of every collaboration with you and my clients goes towards creating a better tomorrow. Practically, it helps ensure that clean water reaches the right people, and better education is offered to underprivileged children.

Apart from that, I deliver work as promised (no surprises) and I am clear to notify you of any changes to our schedule that you need to
be aware of (beforehand). And you can hold me accountable to deadlines as much as I’ll going to be counting on your commitments.

Why should I hire a freelance copywriter like you instead of a digital marketing firm or ad agency?

Hmm. Good question.

I don’t compete with marketing agencies as such.

In fact, I work with them myself. However, if the project you’re doing is content-driven, you’ll probably save a lot by coming
directly to me.

Agencies have a higher overhead, and that’s reflected in their charges. And most agencies outsource their copy to specialists like me.

Who are most of your current clients?

I work with two types of clients. The first category includes marketing agencies and ad firms. These folks sub-contract copywriting work for their customers to me. The other category includes businesses I work with directly. They include big corporates, online businesses, startups or professionals like coaches, real estate consultants, etc.

Are you a B2B copywriter or a B2C copywriter?

I do both. Although as of now, a lot of my work falls in the B2C category. Anyway, when we talk, I’ll ask you questions about your business. If I’m not a fit, I’ll tell you up front.

What is the typical process for having you write copy for my firm?

I’ll talk to you either on email/phone/Skype; an initial voice call to understand where you’re coming from. I’ll ask you questions regarding your prospects, customers, competition, etc. Based on that, I’ll then create a first draft which I will share with you for your evaluation. I’ll incorporate your feedback with two rounds of edit so that your copy aligns with your overall communications.

Some copywriting projects evolve. They start as one thing and then grow in scope. How do you handle this?

My initial quote will be based on what we discuss. However, if you have new ideas to contribute that expand the scope of work; I’ll talk to you about it and adjust the budget and share the new quotation with you for your approval. Once you ‘okay’ it, we can work with the new scope.

I need copy that improves my site’s ranking on Google. Do you understand search engine optimization (SEO)?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: As a trained content marketer I understand the process of SEO which includes keyword research. However since keyword research is a part of the core SEO process, I don’t offer keyword research services as a part of content development.

But, if you have an SEO guy who could come up with targeted keywords, I could incorporate them cleverly in your copy to help you reach the right audience so that you receive the benefits of search ranking.

I can also write the title and meta-description tags that are vital to search engine optimisation.

What kind of copywriting work do you like best?

Blog posts and Articles. I enjoy researching content, getting new insights, re-arranging information from a fresh perspective and delivering it to an audience.

Can I see some examples of your copywriting work?

Sure! Just check out my copywriting portfolio here.

I’m curious, how do you get most of your copywriting clients?

My clients come from a variety of sources:
1. Referrals from current clients
2. Referrals from other business consultants (i.e., web designers,
graphic designers, programmers, etc.)
3. Sub-contract work from clients of marketing agencies and ad
4. Guest posting on media publications
5. Introducing myself to new businesses I’d like to work with.

If I hire you to write copy for me, who owns that copy?

You do. And you could use it as you please. For example, you could repurpose a blog post article and include it in your e-book or put it on a brochure. This way you can make your content work harder for you and get higher ROI on the investment of your content.

How long are turnaround times?

Once we have defined your project scope, I can let you know by what time I can deliver the collaterals to you. But, if you have any deadline you need to meet urgently, then do let me know that upfront so that I can plan accordingly to accommodate your timelines.

What if I live in another country? Can we still work together?

As of now, I’ve worked with remote clients based in India and Europe. We’ll be communicating over Skype, Phone or Email so that the project can proceed smoothly, and we can stay in touch throughout the project.

What are your terms?

I require a 50% deposit up front for copywriting projects. The balance is due upon project completion.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. After we’ve discussed the scope of the copy project, I’ll document the details into an agreement which would include the price. This way we’re both aligned on what to expect.

In what format will you deliver your copy?

I’ll send you the copy in Google Docs over email. Your designer/developer will place it on the website or brochure.

Do you also upload the copy to my website or mailing list software?

I can help you with this as an add-on service which will be charged for extra.

What if I need images?

As of now, I do not provide images for blog posts or newsletters or any marketing material.

How do I pay you?

I do accept PayPal payments. Bank Transfer is a valid means. I’ve also used Transferwise to receive payments in the past. If you have an alternative payment system that’s more convenient to you, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

You sound like a good fit for my copywriting project. What’s the next step?

Head over to the Contact/Hire me page and get in touch with me. You don’t have to pay or commit to working with me until I’ve put together a proposal with a price and timeline. Together, we’ll work out an approach that helps you get things moving.