To write Facebook ads that generate leads and customers for your eCom brand.

– You need not spend countless hours handwriting famous sales letters
– You need not read hundreds of books on copywriting?
– You don’t have to go to college and spend $100k on a super-advanced degree.

To write high converting Ad Copy, you need –

1. To have a DEEP understanding of your product. The real goal is to find out what makes your product unique and what benefits and features will appeal to your customers. Finally, what PAIN POINTS are alleviated by your product.

EG. AD HEADLINE – Paying Too Much for Your Car Insurance?

PAIN – Paying Too Much. Then your Ad Copy or Creative must alleviate/pain this pain, thus leading to your product.

2. Have a DEEP understanding of your customers.

How do you do this?

Customer surveys can be a lifesaver. Instead of second guessing what your customers want, ask them directly.

HOT TIP – Don’t already have a customer base? Read and follow testimonials/reviews that customers leave for competitor products on competitor sites. You’ll learn a LOT about your markets pains and pleasures from there.

3. Make Sure you Ads have all of these elements

1. Attention-grabbing headline – Ad headline. Make sure your headlines are specific. Specificity typically refers to a particular outcome/benefit. Also, including a target demographic may help.

Eg. Soccer Moms do this to keep their kids active.
Eg. Keep losing weight even after you’re back from the GYM.

2. For the Newsfeed link – You could alternate between – Urgency elements, a USP, Ultrashort testimonials or a straight benefit.

Eg. 0% Credit Card interest on EMI’s. Buy now, Pay Later. Free Shipping – only today!

3. For eCommerce, make sure your creatives use an amazing thumbnail with 20% Copy. Again, follow the same headline guidelines for thumbnail copy.

4. Ad Text – Use ‘you’ language and talk to your customers conversationally. A paragraph of copy is mostly good enough. But this may vary based on your campaign goal. For example, in TOFU/Brand awareness ads, you may want to get into storytelling and write longer ads to build trust with your customers.

5. CTA – Make sure to add your store link to the CTA even in your Ad Text. Makes it easier for customers, and helps drive traffic.