What my Mum can teach you about crafting profitable offers that convert like crazy with Facebook Ads

What my Mum can teach you about crafting profitable offers that convert like crazy with Facebook Ads

“A good offer is rarely only about price.” – said some wise person on the internet

An attractive offer is one that aligns with the problems of your audience and is presented at the right time in the customers’ journey.

Lemme unpack that with my mums’ example.

My Mama makes a trip to the neighbourhood salon once every couple of weeks for facial hair removal.

It’s not only expensive but also a painful process for someone like her (an introvert) who loves staying-in. Plus, it’s inconvenient, because she’s busy and it’s hard finding time even over the weekends.

Still, she’s got to keep going… managing… because well, what choice does she have?

Then one day, while browsing through her Facebook feed, she notices an ad for an IPL laser hair removal machine.

The ad mentions that the machine is a one-time, low-cost investment and can be safely used at home. It also stipulates that the hair removal process is practically painless.

Which means – no more pain and no more expensive visits to the salon.

She then checks out reviews and finds hundreds of women vouching for its efficacy and safety.

This product solves a very critical problem for her; plus it’s timely and urgent.

She dives in and makes a purchase.

Here’s the thing.

No matter what product you choose, position it to solve a specific problem for your prospective buyer.

In fact, the more urgent or severe the problem, the higher the likelihood of your sales offer blowing up.

But, if your offer can’t do this, then it doesn’t matter if your product is better than gold.

This is what 7-figure drop shipper Jeffrey Ho perhaps means when he says, “The biggest mistake I made was selling products I loved, over products that people actually needed/wanted.”

What this really comes down to then is understanding how painful and urgent the problems your product solves for your target market and packaging that into a compelling offer.

That’s one of the starting points of eliciting a favourable and quick response from your audience.

It’s what makes your offer a winner… the kind that’ll get those conversions rocking!

Is your offer solving a problem that’s urgent and painful for your customers?

Craft winning offers for your customers, every single time.

Create ads that boost your sales, make you go way beyond breakeven ROAS and help your scale quickly without experimenting, losing money and time.

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#4 Tips to Write Irresistible Facebook Ad Headlines That Stop the Scroll and Lift CTRs

#4 Tips to Write Irresistible Facebook Ad Headlines That Stop the Scroll and Lift CTRs

Here’s a jaw-dropping stat from famous marketing publication – Copyblogger

“80% of readers don’t make it past the headline.”

Which means – 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest.

Truth be told –

Facebook’s granular targeting options make it easier for you to get in front of the RIGHT audience. But it’s still up to you to do the convincing.

With 2.45 billion daily active users engaging on Facebook, the benefits of targeted ad creation are many.

But, you need to set yourself apart and fast when you’re competing with other eCommerce brands like yours.

One of the important ways to achieve this is through crafting irresistible Ad Headlines.

So how do you write Ad headlines that lift your CTRs and STOP the scroll?

Tip #1: Use numbers in your Ad headlines

A ton of copywriting research points to this fact: Headlines with numbers tend to be winners. ( See what I did with the headline for this article?)

When you start your headline with a number, your audience is more likely to click through on your ad.

Here’s an example tying numbers and social proof together:

‘Over 2500 women use ( enter product name) for youthful and naturally glowing skin.’

Or ‘5 Dresses to go from Winter to Spring.’

Tip #2: Ask a question

Asking a question in your headline grabs your viewer’s attention and draws them into your offer to get the answer.

Here are a couple of examples: Dreaming of the perfect engagement ring?

Do Keywords Still Matter?

Pro tip: If you’re using a question headline – make sure to answer that in your Ad Text or Ad Video

Tips #3: Use urgency

If you think about it, sometimes all your viewer needs is a little urgency to nudge them into taking action.

Example: You could be running a 4-hour flash sale for your fashion store and mention the time when the deal ends. Your headline could read something like this:

Use promo code: FLASHFRIDAY

When the viewer reads the headline, there is no room for procrastinating or even second-guessing.

With the offer expiring soon, the shopper is compelled to click-through.

Tip #4: Go for concise and clear

A lot of eCommerce brands, in their bid to sound sophisticated and fun, make the cardinal mistake of writing vague headlines.

Write a headline that clearly states how your offer benefits its audience and keep it short (25-50 characters).

For instance, if you’re a furniture retailer running a summer clearance sale, your headline could read:

Save 50% on selected items

Here’s another example:

30% OFF on car repair today

Remember: Your offer could be AMAZING.

You could even have a super generous guarantee… to back up your offer

But, to know that, your prospect needs to read/see/watch the rest of your ad.

Which is why it’s so critical that you create a headline that works to hook your prospect to your ad.

Those are my top tips for writing scroll-stopping, high-converting Facebook ad headlines.

If you’d like to create Ads that –

Boost your sales

Make you go way beyond Breakeven ROAS

Live the lifestyle you want

Help you scale quickly without testing, experimenting, losing money and time

… and much, MUCH more:

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The Low Hanging Fruit: How to Lift CTRs and Conversions (SIGNIFICANTLY)

The Low Hanging Fruit: How to Lift CTRs and Conversions (SIGNIFICANTLY)

Industry-known digital marketer, Neil Patel says – 96% of your website visitors are not ready to buy today!


This means most prospects that come to your website wander around for a while, browse through your products and leave without taking any action.

Never to interact with your brand… ever, ever again.

Not exactly a happy ending, if you think about it.

But thankfully, that’s not where the story ends either.

So here’s what you might be wondering now –

“How do I retain that top-of-mind status and stay in touch with prospects who abandon me?”

The answer:

Facebook retargeting ads all the way!

If you think about it, these ads are a win-win for everyone involved.

The marketer gets to actively advertise to hot leads, while the consumer finds an ad for products they actually like, and may even be reminded to buy.

In fact, popular statistics suggest prospects retargeted with ads on Facebook are 70% more likely to convert on the website.

But how do you create ads that stimulate action and make those conversion rates go through the roof?

Here’s a thought-starter – Make your ads creatively impactful by combating your audience’s top sales objection.

This could potentially be something you could draw attention to in the first few seconds of your video ad or in the first couple of lines in your Ad text.

Addressing objections fosters trust and puts your buyers at ease to make a purchase decision.

Instead of them having to reach out to your customer support to ask the question…

You’ve pre-emptively answered it for them.

Another simple and effective method for getting better conversions on retargeting ads – is introducing an element of urgency.

Often, cart abandons are the result of a customer either changing his/her mind or because they found a better deal elsewhere.

Let’s say someone was browsing watches on your website, decided to add one to their cart, and then abandoned your site altogether.

You could be retargeting this prospect with a dynamic product ad that says: 15% Off, offer expires in 48 hours.

When you say this, your prospect can’t procrastinate any longer.

He/she now feels this sense of urgency, potentially even FOMO, should they miss out on the amazing offer.

The principle of scarcity is also a very effective persuasion tool.

You could say something to the effect of, ‘Our IPL machines are flying off the shelves. Limited stock. Get yours before they’re all gone.”

That coupled with a few fantastic customer reviews, and the prospect is now grabbing their credit card and making way to checkout.

If after a week of retargeting, your prospects aren’t converting, it could mean that they’re interested, just not ready to dive in yet.

In these instances, focus on building long-term relationships with them with Facebook lead ads.

For instance, if you’re selling luxury products, your audience may prefer subscribing to your email newsletter over making a purchase right then.

Alternatively, for your price-sensitive audience, you could be sending a retargeting ad that promises special discounts through your email newsletters.

If you are retargeting past shoppers, your ads could work to remind them of why they love your brand so much. Was it free shipping worldwide? Amazing customer service? Loyalty programs? The best discounts?

Make it a point to push your customers’ emotions out into the spotlight in your ad.

Be clear and concise with your messaging. Your prospect’s time is valuable, and all you want your ad to do is nudge them back to your website to help them make a purchase.

Lastly and perhaps the most crucial part of every marketing/advertising experiment, A/B test your ad creative. (But more on this in a different post)

Take the guesswork out of writing high-converting Facebook ads for your eCommerce store. Let’s get you the support you need so you can be a CEO and focus on growing and scaling your business!

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Make More Sales From Facebook Ads: Avoid These Catch-all Phrases In Your Ad Copy

Make More Sales From Facebook Ads: Avoid These Catch-all Phrases In Your Ad Copy

Writing Facebook ads is kinda hard.

Especially those headlines and newsfeed descriptions.

How do you convey your selling proposition in such few words?

I browse through a ton of Facebook ads every day. And there’s a common mistake I keep seeing over and over.

Poor ad copy inevitably includes words like:


“High Quality”


etc. etc. in the ads and videos.

And to be honest – those words mean nothing to your buyers.

The only thing you gain by using those words are…

Missed opportunities.

So what do you do?

How do you eradicate words like “Perfect” from your dictionary – words that add ZERO TO NO value to buyers?
Firstly, for the ads you run, ENSURE your copy is hitting some of the market’s pain points.

Say for example – you’re selling to busy mums.

Don’t say stuff like…

We offer the best product/product name for busy mums.

Instead, what you can say is

Here’s a way for busy mums to save time, planning meals

Whenever y’all are tempted to use any of these catch-all phrases, just ask yourself –

How/why is this product the best?

What makes it high quality?

What does “perfect” mean for my audience?

The answer to those questions should ideally be – benefit statements, positioning statements, unique selling points, stories or proof statements.

It’s a missed opportunity in terms of your messaging when you fail to apply this.

It’s also lazy copywriting if your copywriter tends to lean towards using jargon and catch-phrases like a crutch.

I’m not saying… these words don’t have a place in your ads.

But make sure to use them wisely.

By being specific – you get to drive and attract qualified traffic to your store.

Apply this to your ad copy and watch your sales go KA-BOOOM!

If you’re looking to save on cost per ad action and 3-4xing your ROAS with scroll-stopping copy in your ads,

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How to Profit from Massively Saturated eCommerce Niches?

How to Profit from Massively Saturated eCommerce Niches?

So… you’ve gotten into eCommerce with a dream of building a lifestyle business.

And you want to learn from the most experienced folks out there so that you can make money fast.

“You need a winning product!”

… Is the advice you can’t ignore… no more.

And so you invest a massive amount of time researching winning products for your store.

Obviously, you’ve looked at your competition to learn what’s doing well for them.

And based on what the data says and your own gut feeling.. you’ve chosen a product, set up your Shopify store, and are now driving traffic through Facebook Advertising.

A week passes, and your ad performance looks sub-par, i.e. zero sales.

You ask around on forums about what other entrepreneurs have to say about your product/niche.

And almost everyone tells you it’s too saturated and not worth going after.

Judging by your ad performance, you’re convinced that you stand no chance against more established businesses already operating and winning in the same space.


Here’s an insider industry secret for a situation like this.

Most of your success with Facebook advertising and eCom happens because of what you do outside of Ad Manager.

Listen – Not saying Ad manager ain’t important.

But a LOT of your success hinges on –

How much you know about your target market, aka – who you are selling to.

If you’re working within a saturated niche, here’s an exciting perspective:

There aren’t necessarily any wrong niches out there, just niches that aren’t niche enough.

“Huh? What does that mean?” I hear you say.

It means… that within every niche, there potentially exists numerous unexplored customer segments or sub-niches that you could be targeting with your ads.

Here’s a quick example:

Let’s say you’re selling a portable dog water bowl.

Instead of broadly targeting dog owners, (like you may have been thinking of initially) you could be niching down based on a breed and lifestyle.

A portable water bowl for fitness-conscious couples with retrievers.

So, even if your product is saturated within the broader niche (pet owners), you can creatively target sub-groups and create ads that speak to them specifically.

Get the drift?

Another example could be targeting by cause. A lot of dog owners strongly support animal causes.

So you could be, for example, marketing your portable water bowl to an audience supporting rescue dogs and customise your messaging based on that.

Your offer could even suggest donating a percentage of your sales to animal shelters.

Now, you’re targeting broader breeds but niching down by cause.

Do you see what you did right there?

You worked inside a saturated niche but found a bunch of new audiences to sell your products to.

You’ve created a blue ocean and side-stepped all that competition, as a byproduct.

Cool right?

Now that you’ve solved the niching puzzle, how would you like to have your ad messaging triple and quadruple sales for your eCommerce brand?

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How to DOUBLE (maybe TRIPLE) Ad conversions in the Middle of the Funnel

How to DOUBLE (maybe TRIPLE) Ad conversions in the Middle of the Funnel

When done correctly, Facebook Advertising can transform your eCommerce brand into a powerhouse.

A powerhouse that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Every. SINGLE. Month.

In fact, so many of the wildly-successful eComm brands will attest to this fact.

But here’s the #1 question that’s on everyone’s mind – how do you create ads that transform this dream into a reality?

How do you inspire buyer confidence in your product/store?

How do you gain their trust?

Now, while there are many winning strategies for making Facebook ads convert better…

If you’re looking to make sales on social media, social proof is non-negotiable.

Especially the right social proof.

Lemme break this down for you.

While your ad needs to factor in customers vouching for your products or brand…

You’re also interested in integrating reviews that align with the audience’s level of familiarity with your store/products too.

After all, isn’t advertising on Facebook all about targeting the right person with the right message at the right time?

So, if you’re looking for clicks and traffic, product reviews are the way to go.

Reviews of top-rated, top-selling items, for example, will work well to attract the attention of first-time visitors.

Alternatively, when someone leaves after clicking through to your website

… You could be sending them retargeting ads containing site reviews or social proof like… “5000+ customers worldwide.”

Information like this is useful for developing trust and works well to inspire confidence in your brand.

While selecting a review, also ensure that it refers to the personal experience of a buyer.

For example, a review that says, “I gifted these earrings to my daughter, and she loved how they complimented her evening dress,” will work better than saying, “these earrings arrived quickly.”

Remember, not all testimonials are created equal!

Audiences on social media are keen to read about people’s personal experiences.

Which is why the use of personal pronouns like ‘I’ ‘me’ ‘we’ feel instantly authentic.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of your ad copy.

Laser-focused ad copy + the right kind of social proof is a winning combination and one that will help your CTRs and conversions soar.

If you’d like to go wayyyy past breakeven ROAS without wasting time tinkering with your Ad copy and messaging… Book a call and let’s chat