You’re a beginner to intermediate dropshipper, you’ve got a cold pixel.

And you want to run a Video Ad Campaign to sell your product.

We all know that DS and Facebook Ads go hand in hand.

And Facebook ads can be amazing at driving store traffic.

But they’re also great at driving you crazzzzy.

Should CBO be on or off?

Should you use Mobile Ad placement OR should you choose automatic placements?

Should you run engagement campaigns or conversion campaigns?

Facebook ads are soooo difficult to learn precisely because there isn’t one formula that works for all.

But where do you start?

Audience or Ad creative?

The answer is both.

Both are equally important.

When you think about the audience, determine the major pain point that this product solves.

What are their biggest fears?

The biggest pain-point or fear is what is going to hook your audience.

And it needs to be right there at the beginning.

Either as a video intro or in the First 3 lines of Ad Text for your ads.

Design the creative based on what’s going to hook your audience (the fear/problem), and that’s what’s going to stop the scroll.

What else?

Pick a soft CTA.

Buy now can be a BIG commitment for many.

How about Pick a size or Pick a colour?

Buying psychology says people are less afraid of taking smaller commitments.

And the goal of your ad is to generate a high CTR and nudge them towards a sale.

The goal of your ad isn’t to generate sales.

That’s the heavy lifting your website needs to do.

And that’s how you start thinking about building your ad.

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How to get your Facebook ads approved every single time

How to get your Facebook ads approved every single time

This has been making headlines for a while now:

“Facebook is getting stricter with its policies on approving ads.”

Now you’ve worked hard to get…

  • the image/creative perfect, 
  • the copy – aligned with the target group
  • the targeting nailed

You hit save and submit your ad for review, twiddling your fingers as you wait for the dreaded approval process to OK your ads…

Only to receive a disappointing notification that says that your ad has been rejected.

Navigating the minefield of Facebook’s approval process can feel hard.

Now, there is a list of negative keywords, implying a definite ‘no,’ which is easy to follow.

This includes everything in the realm of drugs, tobacco, swear words, discriminatory or sexually-explicit content, illegal products, weapons and violence. 

Most of you won’t have trouble with these.

What makes writing approval-friendly copy hard are the grey area keywords.

Take weight loss for instance, or let’s say you’re making some health claim or guarantee.

Perhaps implying negative self-perception and negative emotions.

And pointing fingers at your audience using words like ‘you’, ‘your’ in the ad copy. 

Something to the effect of …

Example: Do you have an autoimmune disease? Are you struggling with losing weight?

One of the reasons Facebook doesn’t want this messaging on its platform is because,

 It doesn’t want its users to know that they’re being targeted based on those attributes.

How would you feel if you knew you were being shown an ad for slimming products (for, e.g.) based on your own body image complex?

Coming back to the question though:

How do you write ad copy that’s persuasive, creative and also something that gets Facebook’s stamp of approval?

Here’s the thing.

Writing copy for Facebook Ads IS VERY different from writing copy for other platforms.

Standard copywriting wisdom says – talk to your audience with words like you and yours. 

But on Facebook, relying heavily on these practices could mean getting your ads disapproved.

An effective way around this is by describing the pain through the perspective of a client.

Or leveraging a hero story by using the “I was struggling with…” angle to get Facebook nodding. 

Even saying something like, “Most women believe that *insert struggle*…” will work to avoid Facebook’s review of grey area keywords.

In other words, use first person or third person accounts instead of using words like “you” and “yours”.

Now, if you’re selling earphones or planners or something that straddles neutral territory, it’s OK to say ‘you’ occasionally…

And Facebook isn’t likely to mind.

The second tip is using creative turns-of-phrase that your audience will relate with.

In other words – if something has a negative connotation – put a twist to it and say it positively.

So instead of saying lose weight, you could say, ‘slim down’ or ‘get toned and lean.’

The idea is to stay positive, clear but also exercise creativity and walk that line confidently in your ad copy. 

Have you struggled with your ads getting disapproved? 

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Let’s get those ads approved + 3-4x your ROAS on Facebook Ads in 2020.

How to improve conversions by entering the conversation in your customers mind [ALL A-LEVEL AD COPYWRITERS DO THIS, BTW]

How to improve conversions by entering the conversation in your customers mind [ALL A-LEVEL AD COPYWRITERS DO THIS, BTW]

Here’s a scenario many of you may have experienced before. 

You’ve got an amazing product

You know the customer niche you want to target.

So, you get your Facebook ad publish-ready

Hit run and wait with bated breath.

A few days pass and you notice your ad is failing to drive any traffic to your website. 

Your targeting is on point; you’re reaching the right audience.

Turns out…

You’ve overlooked the messaging completely, 

And your copy is failing to create an emotional connection with the buyer.

Despite the eyeballs, it’s unable to persuade your audience into clicking. 

And you are wringing your hands, watching those precious ad dollars burn. 

There is however an effective way to create appeal with your offer.

And that is to simply write copy that speaks in the voice of your customer.

Using the terms and phrases they’re constantly using to describe their pain points.

When you do that, they’re going to read your ad and go…” hey, this looks like it was made for me.”

Which begs the question,

How do you enter the conversation that’s already happening in the mind of the customer?

How do you speak in their language and get that top-of-mind status?

Now, there is an amazing repository of writing that captures the voice of every imaginable type of customer.

No matter how niche or specific your audience is, there’s a massive pool of language for you to borrow or be inspired by.

And that my friend… is Amazon.

Renowned copywriter, Joanna Wiebe calls it – Amazon review mining,

So what you’re doing is simply discovering the language your customer is speaking in by researching reviews – of your products, products just like yours and even books.

Interestingly enough, there is a book in existence for practically every type of subject or industry, so make sure to tune in to see what readers are saying. 

Now when you think of crafting your ad, ideally you’ll want to fit it into the problem + agitation + solution framework. 

Reviews will provide you with  an endless source of customer problems.

Agitation can be found in the specifics of the problem that a person has experienced. 

So look for stories or examples of how people have experienced pain and what led them to seek a solution. What challenges specifically did they encounter?

When you incorporate these details, your ad becomes a mirror of your customer’s mind.

Making it so much easier to get them nodding and saying yes to your offer. 

Finally, when you’re sharing a solution, describe the value or benefits that your audience stands to receive and how choosing your product makes their life better. 

If not Amazon, your audience could be hanging out on Reddit, Quora, specific Facebook Groups, even competitor pages. 

Make it a point to really go where your audience is and discover that customer-speak. 

Let your ads communicate with them using language that they’re all too familiar with.

That’s another one of my secret sauces to writing eCommerce Facebook ads that convert like crazy.

Over to you now!

What You’re Saying In Your Ads V/S What They’re Hearing And How To Raise Conversions

What You’re Saying In Your Ads V/S What They’re Hearing And How To Raise Conversions

Hey listen – Your ideal customers… they’re like you and me.

When they’re in the market for a new product – let’s say – a new iPhone.

They don’t really want the product per se, it’s the transformation they’re after.

The iPhone is simply a vehicle for the result or outcome they desire. And in the case of the iPhone, it’s most likely an increase in status.

So that they can finally tune into that ideal version of themselves.

But here’s the problem…

Right now, your copy is singing a completely different tune.

It’s somehow selling the product more than the outcome.

So your ads are emphasising on features like, ‘1000mAh mobile battery’ or ‘low-calorie drink, ’25x wide-angle lens.’

Take a moment to think about it,

Is your prospect likely read this and go, “Oh my goodness, I have to have this mobile because it has this amazing 1000mAh battery.”

Not likely.

He’s probably thinking, ‘Umm, so what? What’s in it for me?’

Now imagine reframing the conversation to say, ‘Increase your battery’s life by 60% so you can enjoy 3D gaming on your long commute without worrying about running out of juice.’

Now that’s something that’ll get your audience flippin’.

Because you’ve helped your prospects visualise the experience of your product before the actual purchase,

They’re excited and already emotionally invested in the rewards.

By describing the benefits in vivid detail, you’ve raised purchase intent significantly.

That’s my secret sauce to writing Facebook ads that convert like crazy.

Go ahead, make this one change in your copy and watch your sales go KABOOM!

Have any copy-related questions?

Fire away, in the comments section below.

Skyrocket Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Skyrocket Your Facebook Ad Conversions

This is a conversation I’ve come across so often among Facebook ad marketers.

“I’m pumping $$$ into my Facebook ad campaigns but to no avail.

“I know it’s possible to profit from FB ads, yet somehow it isn’t working for me. “

“Now I feel like I’m flushing my hard-earned $$$ down the drain.”

An industry study by Wordstream suggests that almost 92% of social media marketers claim to use Facebook Ads.

Yet there are so many who try and struggle at generating positive and consistently high conversion rate results.

Often, it comes down to a case of poor targeting + messaging.

Random people across social media, who don’t know you, are looking at your ads and going… ‘ugh, why is this ad on my newsfeed?’

The result: Conversion rates that make you cringe.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Get laser-focused with your messaging by creating problem-focused personas of your ideal buyers.

There is, after all, a difference between the perceived benefits of a real estate agent buying an iPhone vis a vis an 18-year old college student.

The problems, desires and goals are extremely different for both these segments.

When you know what the audience group likes and wants,

Your message is automatically more tuned in to reflect their situation and showcases results that get them excited.

Now, they’re more likely to respond to your offers.

Follow this one tip, and you’ll find that your offer is highly likely to convert.

Save $$$ and scale your store by increasing the number of orders you get.

Have questions around improving ad copy conversions?

Share your thoughts below.

🤫 Introverts – Sorry We Messed Up! Ecommerce Ad Copywriting Lessons for Every Marketer From Mistakes Introverts Made [Now Drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk]

🤫 Introverts – Sorry We Messed Up! Ecommerce Ad Copywriting Lessons for Every Marketer From Mistakes Introverts Made [Now Drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk]

🤫 Introverts – Sorry We Messed Up! Ecommerce Ad Copywriting Lessons for Every Marketer From Mistakes Introverts Made [Now Drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk]

👀 If you’ve been watching… over the last 3-4 years, there has been a lot of buzz on social media ’bout introverts.

After Susan Cain delivered her “Popular” Ted Talk (#11 on most watched Ted Talks list) on – the Power of introverts – all of the introverts in the world felt united and… in a sense found a voice to explain their choices.

😎 As an introvert myself, I LOVED that talk – Probably watched it 10+ times in the last few years.

Felt like – “YAAAAS”, peeps like me do exist.

And – WOW! I’m not the only one with all these crazy struggles.

But then some folks blew this entire introvert-extrovert narrative completely out of proportions.

😵 And a part of the internet went nuts feeling entitled about their so-called “introversion”.

What followed were… meme’s, gifs and articles spreading all over the internet like wildfire – justifying why extroverts suck.

And how introverts are uber-cool beings – perfect creatures in an apparently crazy (*ahem* extroverted) world.

👎 A blatant distortion of the truth – Not intended by the author. And super insulting to any extrovert (I hear y’all).

Anyhoo, why do I bring this up today?

Well, when it comes to selling your products online with Facebook Ads – avoid making this very same mistake when talking to your prospects and customers.

✍️ Lemme explain…

This quote by famous Adman – Ogilvy sums it up perfectly.

“The consumer is not a moron. She’s your wife. Don’t insult her intelligence.”

What does this mean?

Well… there are three specific points I’d emphasise on – things that you ought to be careful about in your Ads and videos if you want them to convert well.

1. 👉 Avoid fluff

Tell ’em – Why your solution will solve their problem, why they should buy from you, and why should they do so now.

Remember to back up your Ad copy claims with real data (if available – DO NOT MAKE UNBACKED CLAIMS – Health and Supplement Brands I’m looking at y’all). 🙂

Always USE case-studies or benefits that can be well demonstrated.

2. 👉 Talk to your customers with respect


Your customers DO have a problem. And they’re actively seeking solutions to address them.

But don’t put them off by talking down to them or by being condescending. The magic word is “empathy.”

Remember to treat your audience with respect. Talk to them like you’d talk to your pals. Refer to them as “you” in your Ad copy. After all, you need them more than they need you when closing a sale.

3. 👉 Make it as personal as possible

Most people conjure up the image of this metaphorical “MAN” standing in the middle of a stadium shouting into a MEGAPHONE when it comes to Advertising.

Although not wholly incorrect – this approach works well with brands that have massive Ad budgets eg. Coke and Pepsi.

But as eCommerce marketers, you KNOW that the riches are in the niches. You aren’t a multinational brand.

The only way to access these riches is when you get up close and personal with your audiences.

So whenever you’re talking to your audience – Write/create your ads to speak to a very targeted demographic.

Back in the 90’s with billboard advertising, this was impossible to do.

But with online advertising and granular targeting options within Facebook, this is easier than ever.

Write different Ads to speak to the different segments within your target audience. For, e.g. if you’re makeup brand, you want to talk differently to a 19-year-old girl and a 45-year-old woman.


If I were to summarise all of this… in one sentence, I’d say.

“Keep your audience first when coming up with your Ad and Video copy.”

I know I know, so simple to say but soooo hard to implement. And we need to be reminded again and again until it drills in deep down 🙂

Keep every piece of Ad messaging specific, friendly and backed with proof. This way – you can drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk.