COPYWRITER BIO – Promoting community growth and positive living

Arnab cruised through his academics to pursue a career as a Computer Scientist. And soon after, he did complete his graduation from Mumbai University, India. 

But very quickly, at his first job, he was confronted with a cold crisis — finding meaning in his work at a large corporate house.

The confusion and the lack of higher purpose, led him on a journey to find a deeper meaning to life. He traveled to Europe seeking out a higher purpose. And there he met practitioners of the ancient Bhakti Yoga tradition.

He lived amongst the yogis as he practiced the tenets of eastern spirituality. During this time of self-discovery, he also found his innate skills and strengths in writing and communication.

And after a year of experiencing the deep yogic traditions, he returned to India to dedicate his life towards creating a positive impact on community and society as a whole. 

Today Arnab contributes as a writer for popular blogs and publications. And, a part of every collaboration with his clients is directed towards community development in cooperation with reputable charities which provide for access to clean water and education to developing communities.