B2B Tech Marketers & eCommerce marketers are you leaving behind 5-15% of your revenue?

You pushed well over 100 people to your landing page but got 0 opt-ins.

You launched a high dollar Ad campaign but none of that converted into sales.

Look, you can have a cool-looking landing page or cutting edge graphics accompanying your ads and still not get any conversions if your copy isn’t talking to your buyers – their problems & needs.

Your copy, be it – in the ads you create, the emails you send, the case studies or whitepapers you publish… All of em’ need to work together to guide your prospects to take them to the next step in your funnel.

Revenue-boosting Copy for eCommerce Brands & B2B Software Companies

Here’s how it works.

To write copy that sells, it needs to be right at the intersection of your product and market.

If you’ve worked with copywriters, you know that most copywriters are adept at creating personas.

But where a lot of copywriters fail is… their lack of understanding of the product, and the way it solves your customers’ problems.

And this is the reason why profitable copywriters in one niche fall flat when they promote a product/service in a completely different niche.

Cash-generating Copy for eCommerce marketers

Tis’ simple. If your copywriter isn’t passionate about the problem your product/service solves, the results are going to tell.

So as a marketer, make sure you choose a niche/product focused copywriter.

I’ve partnered with Media Buyers and Ad strategists in the realm of eCommerce and online advertising and I know what kind of copy works for eCommerce brands.

I enjoyed working with Arnab because he’s easy to get along with and takes direction quite well. I was especially pleased with the copy he wrote targeting women with children, in addition to his impressive organizational skills.


Creative Director, Right Hook Digital

eCommerce Products & Niche’s I’ve produced results for

1. Clothing & Apparel
2. Health, Wellness & Beauty
3. Luxury items – Watches, Jewellery
4. Healing products – Essential Oils
5. Productivity products – Planners, apps
6. Consumer electronics – Wireless chargers
7. Gardening products
8. Home Decor products like Mirrors
9. Skill development and digital coaching/training products

Check out Arnab for any of your copywriting or pick-me-up needs!

Eleanor Gibson

Client Account Manager, Brisbane

Story-Selling Copy for B2B Tech & SaaS Marketers


If you want to sell solutions to B2B decision makers, your copywriters ought to have a good understanding of the technical side of your product too. Then, craft compelling stories with it.

Here are 4 reasons why you might find me to be a good fit for your B2B Tech/software copywriting projects.

1. I’m a Computer Science graduate (I enjoy learning and explaining tech and tech products) with a background in Javascript Web app development.

2. Have deployed apps and have managed/configured Linux/Windows/IBM AIX servers (an DevOps background)

3. I’ve secured enterprise data for financial corporations as a Symantec Certified Backup Specialist and ITIL Certified Practitioner.

4. Have managed tons of WordPress websites and CMS sites for clients.

My Story

Still reading? Awesome.

eCommerce & B2B software seem to be worlds apart, right?

Not if you know my story.

Back in 2011 after I finished my graduation in Computer Science, I landed a job at a trading company where I worked with the data centre operations team.

Backing up and securing Mail Exchange servers that stored company-wide corporate emails was part of my role.

During this time, I also learned how to configure databases, commission and decommission servers, virtual machines, network devices, tape libraries and storages – everything that makes up a data centre.


I worked with Arnab on a few projects. On one of them, he came on board at a critical time and his efforts were instrumental in rescuing it at a crucial phase.

He is very methodical about his work and is able to communicate complex issues in a simple manner. 

Prashant Chari

Co-founder, Teen Bandar

And this gave me a solid founding in implementing enterprise level software and IT infrastructure products.

Soon after, I transitioned to the world of freelancing selling web design and web app development services.

And this is where I encountered a massive struggle.

“Acquiring new clients…”

Without an entrepreneurial background, marketing didn’t come easily to me and I fared poorly.

For years (talk about being a slow learner) I struggled with cashflow issues due to this very reason.

And I just didn’t know how I could draw attention, and  communicate value in a way that would keep prospects interested.

With repeated challenges, failures and struggles in my web design business – I finally realised where I was going wrong. And thus I opened myself up to a whole new world of marketing.

Then… I read my first marketing book ever – Robert Cialdini’s – Influence. It came highly recommended from Joanna Wiebe a highly respected copywriting mentor from copyhackers.com. And it changed everything for me.

My Training in Copywriting landed me projects & opportunities 

Intrigued… I dove deeper into the study of direct response marketing.

Every morning I would start my day writing famous direct response ads out by hand, learning how offers could be presented to readers and how I could structure a sales presentation that could positively influence the sales process.

Soon enough writing marketing communications became something that became enjoyable.

And I began offering copywriting services.

Applying the principles I studied, I saw first hand how email open rates skyrocketed when I structured Subject lines in a specific way. My prospecting emails started getting better results and I started landing better clients.

Soon after I landed right in the midst of opportunities in the realm of eCommerce.

Working across a range of projects, I soon began noting patterns – when certain ads got clicked, when people made purchases and how certain trigger words racked up responses.

Amazing is the first word that comes when I had a look at your copy!

Prithvi Elango

Strategic Account Manager, Freshworks

Here’s the TLDR – I learnt copywriting to grow my business

I built my copywriting business on the tested principles of copywriting.

And I can do the same for you.

Remember: A copywriter is an asset to your business.

And making a hasty hiring choice without thorough consideration could directly impact your company’s bottom line.

 So whether your end goal is to generate more qualified leads or make sales – choose wisely.

There is a science to communicating the value of your product, that’ll make your prospects want to lean in with interest when you speak.

Let your content do the selling while you focus on growing the company.

What’s next?

If you think we could work together, head over to my contact page to send me a quick inquiry. Interested about rates… head over to FAQ’s section.

In the interest of transparency, I have a lead time of 2-3 weeks for new clients and generally, have about 1-2 openings per month. So the sooner we start the conversation, the better.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay or commit to working with me until I’ve put together a proposal with a price and timeline.

Want to learn about how I write copy that produces kickass marketing results? Join forces with me.