🤫 Introverts – Sorry We Messed Up! Ecommerce Ad Copywriting Lessons for Every Marketer From Mistakes Introverts Made [Now Drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk]

🤫 Introverts – Sorry We Messed Up! Ecommerce Ad Copywriting Lessons for Every Marketer From Mistakes Introverts Made [Now Drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk]

🤫 Introverts – Sorry We Messed Up! Ecommerce Ad Copywriting Lessons for Every Marketer From Mistakes Introverts Made [Now Drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk]

👀 If you’ve been watching… over the last 3-4 years, there has been a lot of buzz on social media ’bout introverts.

After Susan Cain delivered her “Popular” Ted Talk (#11 on most watched Ted Talks list) on – the Power of introverts – all of the introverts in the world felt united and… in a sense found a voice to explain their choices.

😎 As an introvert myself, I LOVED that talk – Probably watched it 10+ times in the last few years.

Felt like – “YAAAAS”, peeps like me do exist.

And – WOW! I’m not the only one with all these crazy struggles.

But then some folks blew this entire introvert-extrovert narrative completely out of proportions.

😵 And a part of the internet went nuts feeling entitled about their so-called “introversion”.

What followed were… meme’s, gifs and articles spreading all over the internet like wildfire – justifying why extroverts suck.

And how introverts are uber-cool beings – perfect creatures in an apparently crazy (*ahem* extroverted) world.

👎 A blatant distortion of the truth – Not intended by the author. And super insulting to any extrovert (I hear y’all).

Anyhoo, why do I bring this up today?

Well, when it comes to selling your products online with Facebook Ads – avoid making this very same mistake when talking to your prospects and customers.

✍️ Lemme explain…

This quote by famous Adman – Ogilvy sums it up perfectly.

“The consumer is not a moron. She’s your wife. Don’t insult her intelligence.”

What does this mean?

Well… there are three specific points I’d emphasise on – things that you ought to be careful about in your Ads and videos if you want them to convert well.

1. 👉 Avoid fluff

Tell ’em – Why your solution will solve their problem, why they should buy from you, and why should they do so now.

Remember to back up your Ad copy claims with real data (if available – DO NOT MAKE UNBACKED CLAIMS – Health and Supplement Brands I’m looking at y’all). 🙂

Always USE case-studies or benefits that can be well demonstrated.

2. 👉 Talk to your customers with respect


Your customers DO have a problem. And they’re actively seeking solutions to address them.

But don’t put them off by talking down to them or by being condescending. The magic word is “empathy.”

Remember to treat your audience with respect. Talk to them like you’d talk to your pals. Refer to them as “you” in your Ad copy. After all, you need them more than they need you when closing a sale.

3. 👉 Make it as personal as possible

Most people conjure up the image of this metaphorical “MAN” standing in the middle of a stadium shouting into a MEGAPHONE when it comes to Advertising.

Although not wholly incorrect – this approach works well with brands that have massive Ad budgets eg. Coke and Pepsi.

But as eCommerce marketers, you KNOW that the riches are in the niches. You aren’t a multinational brand.

The only way to access these riches is when you get up close and personal with your audiences.

So whenever you’re talking to your audience – Write/create your ads to speak to a very targeted demographic.

Back in the 90’s with billboard advertising, this was impossible to do.

But with online advertising and granular targeting options within Facebook, this is easier than ever.

Write different Ads to speak to the different segments within your target audience. For, e.g. if you’re makeup brand, you want to talk differently to a 19-year-old girl and a 45-year-old woman.


If I were to summarise all of this… in one sentence, I’d say.

“Keep your audience first when coming up with your Ad and Video copy.”

I know I know, so simple to say but soooo hard to implement. And we need to be reminded again and again until it drills in deep down 🙂

Keep every piece of Ad messaging specific, friendly and backed with proof. This way – you can drive eCommerce sales without being trapped at your Desk.

☎️ Personal Story: What A Telemarketer Taught Me About Writing E-commerce Ads That Sell

☎️ Personal Story: What A Telemarketer Taught Me About Writing E-commerce Ads That Sell

👉 So the other day I was doing my thing… when a telemarketer called, and the phone in my jeans vibrated with a loud zzzzzzzz

Usually, I don’t entertain telemarketing calls.

And the caller id indicated – it was supposedly from a telemarketing agency.

Wasn’t 100% sure tho… and thought it could be my bank calling (was expecting) – so I took the call anyway.

So… the lady on the other side… she went straight into the pitch trying to sell me on a new Credit Card.

And I was about to tell her that…


I’m NOT interested. DON’T need one.

But then…

👌 What she did turned things around completely.

🚶‍♀️ Instead of wasting time telling me about all the BENEFITS of the card, she swiftly moonwalked into objection handling.

And within the first 15-20 seconds, she let me know that the card had ZERO ANNUAL FEE and would require NO PAPERWORK UPFRONT – meaning- t’was a fully pre-approved card.

 All I had to say was “YES, I’m IN” and they would ship the card to me. They already had my details on file as a customer of the same bank.

If you ask me, my biggest OBJECTIONS with credit cards is the annual fee and paperwork process involved when applying for one.

As such, I do not NEED another credit card.

But hey, they do come handy, don’t they?

…Of course, they do.

So even though I didn’t need one – upon just hearing those two objections addressed – my eyes lit up.

And I asked her a few questions about the card.

🏁 And BOOM! She closed me on the credit card in less than 3 minutes on the phone.

What’s the point of this story?

🗣️ Way too often – you’re talking and boasting about your brand in your ads. Saying stuff like “We believe”, “We have the best” yada yada thing in town.

And no-one cares about the “best thingy” you have to offer!

Don’t waste your valuable ad real estate on words that DO NOT MAKE A SALE.

Talk to the objections your customers might have with your product or your brand.

👍 Have you been in business for over a DECADE?

Mention that LOUD and clear in your ads.


Say that.

Objection handling can skyrocket conversions especially for your Middle and Bottom of Funnel Ads.

In fact…

The quickest way to build trust with your prospects and customers and make a sale is to pre-emptively answer questions they may already have in their minds.

So now…

Over to you.

💸 Go thou apply and profiteth ye with this piece of advice.

E-commerce – How to Write Profitable Facebook Ads Even if Your Career is Not Dedicated to Copywriting?

E-commerce – How to Write Profitable Facebook Ads Even if Your Career is Not Dedicated to Copywriting?

To write Facebook ads that generate leads and customers for your eCom brand.

– You need not spend countless hours handwriting famous sales letters
– You need not read hundreds of books on copywriting?
– You don’t have to go to college and spend $100k on a super-advanced degree.

To write high converting Ad Copy, you need –

1. To have a DEEP understanding of your product. The real goal is to find out what makes your product unique and what benefits and features will appeal to your customers. Finally, what PAIN POINTS are alleviated by your product.

EG. AD HEADLINE – Paying Too Much for Your Car Insurance?

PAIN – Paying Too Much. Then your Ad Copy or Creative must alleviate/pain this pain, thus leading to your product.

2. Have a DEEP understanding of your customers.

How do you do this?

Customer surveys can be a lifesaver. Instead of second guessing what your customers want, ask them directly.

HOT TIP – Don’t already have a customer base? Read and follow testimonials/reviews that customers leave for competitor products on competitor sites. You’ll learn a LOT about your markets pains and pleasures from there.

3. Make Sure you Ads have all of these elements

1. Attention-grabbing headline – Ad headline. Make sure your headlines are specific. Specificity typically refers to a particular outcome/benefit. Also, including a target demographic may help.

Eg. Soccer Moms do this to keep their kids active.
Eg. Keep losing weight even after you’re back from the GYM.

2. For the Newsfeed link – You could alternate between – Urgency elements, a USP, Ultrashort testimonials or a straight benefit.

Eg. 0% Credit Card interest on EMI’s. Buy now, Pay Later. Free Shipping – only today!

3. For eCommerce, make sure your creatives use an amazing thumbnail with 20% Copy. Again, follow the same headline guidelines for thumbnail copy.

4. Ad Text – Use ‘you’ language and talk to your customers conversationally. A paragraph of copy is mostly good enough. But this may vary based on your campaign goal. For example, in TOFU/Brand awareness ads, you may want to get into storytelling and write longer ads to build trust with your customers.

5. CTA – Make sure to add your store link to the CTA even in your Ad Text. Makes it easier for customers, and helps drive traffic.


How To Warm Up And Convert Cold Audiences To Make More Sales

How To Warm Up And Convert Cold Audiences To Make More Sales

From the headaches of not knowing where to source your products – all the way to – attracting people to your online store … it can be a LONGASS journey to find success when running an eCommerce store.

Today though, I want to talk to you about how to write relevant ads for cold audiences.

A lot of facebook marketers shy away or fail to see the opportunity when it comes to targeting cold prospects. If you’re scratching your head – cold audiences are folks that are not yet YOUR customers (haven’t heard about your eCom brand) but form the LARGEST segment of your market and are a BIG potential to tap into for PROFITS.

So how do you engage with cold folks and be relevant to them simultaneously? How do you make sure they like, comment/tag their friends or share your ads? How do you make sure these folks don’t end up scrolling down through your ads without ever noticing YOUR brand?

ANSWER: Storytelling.

I know, I know that word gets thrown around a lot these days.

But storytelling doesn’t have to be complicated, long-form or have multiple story arcs. And you don’t need to have the writing skills of a GOT screenwriter.

From a high-level perspective, a story consists of a problem (market pain point), a protagonist (your customer) and a journey to the solution(your product)

While long-form stories are often used by successful eCommerce brands – A story could be as small as five sentences when it comes to writing your Facebook Ad.

Here are 2 common characteristics of a good story.

It points to a very recognisable problem your market/customer is facing. And attempts to resolve it.

Although not the best of all stories… I’ve shared a quick and crude example of storytelling in the screenshot below and how you could use it for your eCommerce brand to engage with and convert cold audiences.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions about storytelling and how to use it in your Ads.

To Make More Sales From Facebook Ads: Avoid Catch-all Phrases Like These In Your Ad Copy

To Make More Sales From Facebook Ads: Avoid Catch-all Phrases Like These In Your Ad Copy

📉 Writing Facebook ads is kinda hard.

Especially those headlines and Newsfeed Descriptions.

How do you convey your selling proposition in such few words?

I browse through a ton of Facebook ads every day. And there’s a common mistake I keep seeing over and over.

Poor Ad copy inevitably includes words like
“High Quality”
etc. etc
in the Ads and Videos.

And to be honest – those words mean nothing to your buyers.

The only thing you gain by using those words is… missed opportunities.

So what do you do?

How do you eradicate words like “Perfect” from your dictionary – which add NO value to buyers?

Firstly, for the ads you run, ENSURE your copy is hitting some of the markets pain points.

Say for example – you’re selling to busy mums.

 don’t say stuff like –

We offer the best product/product name for busy mums.

 instead, what you can say is 

Here’s a way for busy mums to save time planning meals

Whenever y’all are tempted to use any of these catch-all phrases, just ask yourself –

How/why is this best?
What makes it high quality?
What does “perfect” mean for my audience?

The answer to those questions should ideally be – benefit statements, positioning statements, stories or proof statements.

It’s a missed opportunity in terms of your messaging when you fail to apply this. Its also kinda lazy copywriting if your copywriter tends to lean towards using jargon and catch-phrases like a crutch.

I’m not saying… these words don’t have a place in your Ads. But make sure to use them wisely.

Also, by being specific – you get to drive and attract qualified traffic to your store.

💥 Apply this to your Ad Copy and see your sales go KA-BOOOM 💥

How often do you find yourselves using words like high-quality and perfect in your Ad copy?