“Need to make money? Go Advertise your product/service on Facebook, and you’ll have new leads and customers tomorrow.”

That’s the popular & widespread narrative I hear today on social media.

It seems that advertising on Facebook is some kind of magic pill – an answer to all your business woes and worries.

And everyone expects success – instantly.

Don’t get me wrong.

The opportunity Facebook presents for marketers is HUGE.

And yet,  many e-commerce businesses are struggling to turn their Facebook ads into profit.

So what’s up with that?

Failure to convert Facebook Ads into E-Commerce sales is the result of one of the same three mistakes.

Let’s touch upon those today.

Big Mistake Number One: You’re Not Getting In Front Of The RIGHT People

Facebook’s interest-based targeting can help you get exceptionally focused.

How focused?

Well, you can get as targeted as – Married men working in medical professions, aged 25 – 32, living in Los Angeles and planning to go to Hawaii on vacation (aloha!).

Yep, that targeted.

But, interest-based targeting can be both a boon and bane, if you aren’t applying it correctly to your campaigns.

Let me unpack it for you.

Many beginners in an attempt to reach larger and broader audiences, pack too many related interests as the campaign audience.

The problem with this approach is that while you do reach HUGE audiences – you end up connecting with no specific group in particular.

Here’s why –

By talking to multiple audiences all at once, your message gets diluted. Which means, your ads won’t speak to any specific segment of your audience.

So what do you do?

Instead of targeting many related interests from the get-go, break it up into multiple smaller audiences with hyper-targeted interests. Create separate campaigns for each segment.

Then write copy to talk to that specific audience group.

Pro tip: Remember to use AND interest targeting wisely over OR targeting. More on that in a future post.

Big Mistake Number Two: You’re Not Saying the Right Things

Once you’re targeting the right folks…getting your messaging right is crucial to achieving the results you want.

Ask yourself…

Do you understand the pain points of the market you’re selling to? What are the frustrations and desires of this audience? Is your ad copy reflecting them?

In other words, do you understand the motivations of these varied audiences?

If you don’t get this component right – even with the right targeting – you won’t be as effective with making sales.

Big Mistake Number Three: Your Timing Isn’t Correct

By timing, I’m referring to your customer’s journey. Are you meeting them where they are, in their journey?

Let me give you an example…

If you present an aggressive offer to a prospect who’s just encountered your brand for the very first time, there’s little chance he is going to respond to it instantly.

But, if the same offer is presented to someone who’s already qualified, knows your brand, likes and follows your page and needs a solution to his/her problem right away, your ad campaign will work like gangbusters.

When you’re targeting, understand where your prospect is in the funnel. Based on that information, craft campaigns with the right messaging.


There you have it…the BIG 3 high-level strategic decisions you need to act upon right away.

Getting the foundation right is key to your advertising success on Facebook. There are, of course, other nuances (like the use of images, landing pages, chatbots, etc.) that you need to keep in mind. But don’t go about tweaking them without touching upon these three basics first.

~ Arnab

P.S. Need help figuring out the right messaging based on your customer’s journey? – Hit me up – https://www.arnabthecopywriter.com/write-to-me/