👉 So the other day I was doing my thing… when a telemarketer called, and the phone in my jeans vibrated with a loud zzzzzzzz

Usually, I don’t entertain telemarketing calls.

And the caller id indicated – it was supposedly from a telemarketing agency.

Wasn’t 100% sure tho… and thought it could be my bank calling (was expecting) – so I took the call anyway.

So… the lady on the other side… she went straight into the pitch trying to sell me on a new Credit Card.

And I was about to tell her that…


I’m NOT interested. DON’T need one.

But then…

👌 What she did turned things around completely.

🚶‍♀️ Instead of wasting time telling me about all the BENEFITS of the card, she swiftly moonwalked into objection handling.

And within the first 15-20 seconds, she let me know that the card had ZERO ANNUAL FEE and would require NO PAPERWORK UPFRONT – meaning- t’was a fully pre-approved card.

 All I had to say was “YES, I’m IN” and they would ship the card to me. They already had my details on file as a customer of the same bank.

If you ask me, my biggest OBJECTIONS with credit cards is the annual fee and paperwork process involved when applying for one.

As such, I do not NEED another credit card.

But hey, they do come handy, don’t they?

…Of course, they do.

So even though I didn’t need one – upon just hearing those two objections addressed – my eyes lit up.

And I asked her a few questions about the card.

🏁 And BOOM! She closed me on the credit card in less than 3 minutes on the phone.

What’s the point of this story?

🗣️ Way too often – you’re talking and boasting about your brand in your ads. Saying stuff like “We believe”, “We have the best” yada yada thing in town.

And no-one cares about the “best thingy” you have to offer!

Don’t waste your valuable ad real estate on words that DO NOT MAKE A SALE.

Talk to the objections your customers might have with your product or your brand.

👍 Have you been in business for over a DECADE?

Mention that LOUD and clear in your ads.


Say that.

Objection handling can skyrocket conversions especially for your Middle and Bottom of Funnel Ads.

In fact…

The quickest way to build trust with your prospects and customers and make a sale is to pre-emptively answer questions they may already have in their minds.

So now…

Over to you.

💸 Go thou apply and profiteth ye with this piece of advice.