Being customer-centric doesn’t have to be so hard

Marketing & Advertising copy for Software companies, SaaS and eCommerce Brands

Hey there, it’s Arnab.


And here are some results I’ve helped my clients achieve

1. Wrote Ad copy for Facebook Campaigns (complete ad funnel – TOFU + MOFU + BOFU + Retargeting) that directly resulted in AUD $25,000 in sales – Highest ever for the brand in a single day.

2. Wrote ads that consistently generated 3-4x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) averaged across the ad account.

3. Have created Email Copy for Targeted Cold Campaigns with a consistent response rate of 25-30%.

4. Wrote a chatbot sequence that resulted in going from 0- 80 messenger leads overnight.

Here are my two main services

1. Copywriting for E-commerce brands

2. Marketing Content for B2B Software + SaaS companies

“We have found some new winning ads that convert well. I definitely recommend Arnab for ecommerce clients, especially in the trending product niche. His understanding of the product and the pain points it solves helps him write compelling ads” Paul de Beauregard

Ad Strategist, Singapore

The truth is… every piece of content you put out there, needs to elicit a kind of response. It could be a click, signup for a download, an “I’m interested” enquiry or even a purchase.

If your content isn’t accomplishing those goals for you, it really isn’t doing the job it’s meant to be doing.

Arnab helped me with creating copy for videos. He improved the quality of my videos overall and gave me new ideas in terms of structuring that I had never thought of before. Claudia

Video Editor, Brisbane

Brands I’ve worked with

I enjoyed working with Arnab because he’s easy to get along with and takes direction quite well. I was especially pleased with the copy he wrote targeting women with children, in addition to his impressive organizational skills. Valerio Puggioni

Creative Director, Right Hook Digital

It gives me a solution with my lacking. I’ve learnt a lot with his bookworm brain. Arnab strives to meet the client’s deadlines & expectations with his writings. A lot of our ads with his copy worked very well as a result of his hard work!  He’s really a good writer.

Ad Graphic Designer, Phillipines

My problem was… I was not able to write about industry topics in-depth. And I found working with Arnab extremely easy – they’re great communicators and clearly set out the project and its various steps with guides and short videos. The content was great – so good that I barely had to provide any edits! Most looking forward to working with them again! Thanks so much!
Rachel Mooney

Marketing Manager, Sydney